Wednesday, January 5, 2011

moving on up

as of today we are in the pod and that means olivia is no longer one to one she now is 1 to 2 because she is doing so well her feeds have started today too and she should be at full feeds by 1230am yay!!! so as soon as they dont need to give her the 2 meds through a line they can take out the RA line and then we can hold her!

i cant wait.

she is also vent free and oxygen free! almost tube free!!! im a happy mommy!

finally got some boobie milk!

my paci is GOOD!

so cute!

i can hold my own momma!

mommy adores you <3


  1. She si sooo beautiful!!! just like her mom.
    Im so happy to hear that she is doing good and moving forward!

    God is good and he is right there. Done lose faith with the hard times he knows your heart and your life thats ahead.

    Thinking and praying for your family

  2. WOW...she is amazing! She has done wonderful. I am so happy for you and your whole family. You should be proud of your little girl.