Wednesday, January 19, 2011

bath and clothes

I got to "bath"  Olivia tonight. it was terrifying. she is so tiny and there where rules as far as what you can and cant wash but it was wonderful. i adore her.
Ive given up on hopes of getting upstairs and out the door for now. I just want what is best for olivia and if that means she stays in the icu for a few more days then i am ok with it.
She is so beautiful... i find myself wondering how did some one so beautiful and amazing come out of this horrible mess that i call life. she has an attitude, she is well behaved most of the time, she is cuddly... she is just amazing alright.
We get to dress her now too. less and less restrictions on clothing too. she swims in most newborn stuff but its ok. she gets a lot of attention from the passing nurses they think she is just the cutest little baby in there ... but i keep her pretty decked out. i mean why not i dont want to miss out on any of these things. i am cherishing every moment and thing i get to do with her!
well i am sorry this post is short ... but as far as everything else she has finished her antibiotics and is feeding again. we are hoping she tolerates it well. so far so good. they are going slower now and are keeping a closer eye on her belly these days because of the NEC but she is doing great ... but please continue to pray for her ... so we can all go home and enjoy our new house as a family.

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