Sunday, September 12, 2010

stanford :D

OK so this is a little behind but Stanford went great. the hospital is located near shopping centers and a nice park area. i believe that getting a second opinion was a good choice.

Olivia's passage from the left atrium to the right is in fact open and they think she may have another defect in that area that is helping her. like there are more than one hole letting blood flow through the left to the right.
they also said that if the valve was as bad as the doctor said it was her chance of survival in the womb was not really there.they rate it on a scale and Olivia was no where near meeting the standards for the cath procedure. i guess it is like a +4 and she isn't ... so that's good. the she may not even need to get it i was so happy to hear this!

    My appointment started at 10AM and i was in with the faternal cardiologist until 1230 lol they said i was wonderful because i went in there knowing a lot and had my questions for them. Plus i think of my self as a pretty realistic person and when it came down to talking about the shitty parts of it all i didn't lose my shit and i was still able to talk to them like an adult would.

   3 different people came in to take pictures of the great wiggly one we call Olivia :D she is the most wiggly baby ever hahaha. plus i think she is a lot like me... she doesn't like being fucked with and she was not happy about the wand being poked at her. but to say the least i am much more confident about Stanford and their staff then i am or ever felt with ucdavis.

After that appointment i was sent upstairs to another appointment for an ultrasound and at this one they took pictures of all of her! she is one pound now !!! and we got great pictures of her . we have ones of her mouth open too! she was beyond pissed though could have been that i didn't eat at all for that whole time i was starving! she was kicking and everything! but they gave me a long strip of pictures for my keepsakes ... it was really nice to see my sweet angel.

so i have another appointment with Stanford on the 28th for the high risk OBGYN and the surgical team. i am rather excited about that but... i am not looking forward to them playing in my vagina. oh well its for the best. but the cool thing about Stanford i will have a social worker and a lady who schedules all my appointments together a coordinator :) how sweet is that !!!! they where all very awesome to say the least.

and one more bit of good news... Chris should be on his way home very very soon... the assignment thing is not humanitarian it is the exceptional family member program and it takes 4-6 weeks to process but his first shirt is pushing really hard to get him 30 days of leave to be here with me and get him here for a few appointments at least. so we are looking forward to that !

well OK that is what good news Friday brought to me  


  1. That's amazing, I'm so happy!!!

  2. I'm so happy everything went well! I've heard amazing things about Stanford and you are defintely in good hands. Are you going to post Olivia's pics so we can see how much she has grown?
    And Chris is coming home to you...yea! So glad everything is coming together for you and your family.

    Take care of that baby, love her like crazy!