Wednesday, September 15, 2010

showing off my little girlie pie!

when i went to stanford they gave a me a ton of pics... so i will show you :)

so this is all going on inside here:
we got a few pictures of her with her mouth open

her little face... such a sweet little face

budda belly >-<

no more pictures please! she was getting so mad that we where poking at her all day from 10am to 2pm jeeze!

wave bye bye little one! <3 i love these ones of her hands i have one of her feet but it is very dark and you cant really see it to well....

well as for news i guess... umm tomorrow if chris's flight doesnt get canceled or he doesnt get on the flight he will be here by tomorrow evening! yay. that will be nice i told him his job is to keep me happy to be my yellow crayon i know he is so in turn i can be an extra happy lady for sweet little olive!

the 28th is our appointment with dr dizzen (sp?) my high risk obgyn and i also get to do a few more appointments too... thankfully i got the hubby here to share the driving and what not with me :D

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