Tuesday, September 7, 2010

good news less depressing

sorry for the stream of depressing post... still trying to get my head around this and with out the embrace of my husband it makes it harder to slip into these poopy moods i guess...

so today woke up to take my dad to the doctors and before that i got to talk to Chris for a short moment and then!!!!! STANFORD called me... my mind must have shot some powerful rays to them letting them know i was freaking out and i needed to get seen for my sanity. i have two appointments this Friday a echo at 10 and a ultra sound at 1 ... yay i get to see our girlie pie <3 i cant wait.

ALSO Chris let me know that not only did my package get finished but the first they will start paying him for me... which is awesome seeing how the driving and the eating is really hurting or pockets and accounts!so this also means that tomorrow he will march his butt into the office and get his paper work started to come home to be with OLIVE, EVELYNN, and MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! thank god ... seriously then maybe i can get some sleep.

speaking of sleep i keep having these daydreams/dreams of sally from nightmare before Christmas and also the corpse bride... i imagine this is what Olivia will look like... and if you do know me personally you know i have a wild imagination and i don't think this is really helping any.

well i am excited about going to the bay and going to Stanford it will be nice plus i will be getting out of the house! and tomoroooooowwww i get to hear baby olives heart i have a obgyn appointment.

hopefully this week will continue to be a good one and i can stay positive and upbeat.
time to go eat the belly calls.

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