Monday, November 15, 2010

non-stress test

miss olive had a rough day ... so she failed the first half of the non-stress test... she wasnt moving her heart rate stayed at about 130-135 but little to no movement. so they gave me ice water to see if we could wake sleepy pie up and no dice... poor baby just got they waited a while and then decided to buzz her... it is this thing that looks like a massager and it makes a loud sound and vibrates my whole belly... this woke her up for a short while and she moved and her heart rate at one point did get to 160 so this was good for them but this was at the end... they are hoping that baby girl was just tired and thats it... but i have another appointment on Thursday and i am pretty sure they are going to do a full work up.. oh anticipation...

also Chris's dad found out that he has cancer :( 
god this year needs to be over


  1. Hang in there momma. They used the buzzer on me without telling me about it. I was lucky to have nurses who saw the humor in "don't taze my baby, nurse!"
    It is essential for you to rest and relax and take care of yourself now while you can. Enjoy every day of the next seven-ish weeks, and all the rest that follow with Miss Olivia. I hope that the doctors are able to do something or Chris' dad.

  2. that should be "for Chris' dad", oops