Wednesday, November 24, 2010

dear olivia

dear my precious sweet baby girl,
tomorrow is thanksgiving and i would like you to know how thankful i am to have been blessed with you. I know that if i had it my way you would have a whole heart but i am coming to a peace with all of this. you baby girl are very special! and i love you.
you are going to be amazing and perfect in every way. i dream about how you are going to be such a strong young woman.
Monday i met with another young woman who has the same heart condition you do. it was very nice to get to talk to her. And i hope that one day you and Jeni will be close!
I adore you my pretty baby. daddy will be home in two weeks and then the hunt is on and we will find us a happy home for you , daddy, sissy and mommy! <3

on Saturday we went and got a 3d ultra sound done and we got to see your beautiful face! here are some of those!

 the last two are really funny to me auntie Cami started to talk to you and you didnt like that all! but i promise you i will make it my mission to keep you happy and calm as much as mommy can!

love you little miss olive!

always your mommy

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