Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bike ride across country

My baby is doing it right now as we speak. Her little owl is safely placed on a close friend of ours Nick Busta's bike. Right on his handle bars where he can see it! they are all they way in Utah now they started their ride on June 1st. you see this is a special bike ride. they are riding for heart babies, teenagers and adults living with a broken heart. Jeni and Nick do so many amazing things i am so happy that we got to meet. They also where at Stanford the DAYS (lol yes days) of labor and the special day Olivia graced us with her amazing presence.

It makes me happy to know a little piece of Olivia gets to travel the country side. I know she would have loved seeing all the sites! I am proud of Jeni and Nick for doing such amazing things in the CHD community and i am even more excited and happy to say what wonderful people they truly are.

want to see more about their bike ride and what they are up to? go here:www.bike4thechf.org


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