Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i wish...

i wish i had more to talk about... i wish i could write a compelling blog entry about life, love and death but really all i can think when i get to this page to write is God why did you have to take her? why did she have to leave us? and God i miss my baby so so much....

people dont want to reread this over and over. i am sure they are very aware that i miss my little love more than anything....

I did however was added to a grieving mother group today and i couldnt help but thank god that my sweet angel was not murdered and that although she went through tremendous amounts of poking and prodding we tried our best to keep her comfortable and she smiled a lot! she did not get brutally murdered or die in a horrible crash.

AND i know that NOTHING i did contributed or caused my daughters DEATH... i gave her life! and i loved her with ALL of my HEART. and knowing this helps me to continue to live each day for her and I both!

as for our lives as of late Rainbow bean is looking good and NT scan went very well. very happy with the results ... baby looks beautiful.
thank you olivia for helping god chose our rainbow baby.

and in case you didnt get it from all of that

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