Friday, September 23, 2011

about rainbow...

Name: kate
Age: 25Pre-pregnancy weight: i was 186
Current weight: 178
How far along are you: 15w 0d Is this your first pregnancy: no i have a beautiful angel in heaven that goes by OLIVIA EMMA GRACEIf not, how long ago was your last: found out may 6th 2010 and had her on dec. 23rd 2010
Do you have any other children; names and ages: Olivia Emma Grace she would have been 9 months today ... 
How many children do you want to have: as many as god blesses me with 
Do you like being pregnant: yes and no... if i didnt have issues with my bp and the worry that something was going to go wrong i'd enjoy it moreHave you had any morning sickness: YES !!!! threw up a lot this time around
Have you had any mood swings: HAVE I??? hahaha bitch in flip flops hahah 
Have you had a stronger sense of smell: yep
Have you had any swelling in your hands or feet: feet mostly  
Have you had any aches or pains: yeah What do you miss about not being pregnant: SUSHI!!!!!
What makes up for that: the blessing growing inside of me Will you take maternity leave: yes
Favorite maternity outfit: anything comfy!
Favorite past-time while being pregnant: sleeping!
you bought any baby things: no
Are you more excited or nervous: nervous... i need the end of october to get here i need to get our echo... i need to know
About Daddy 
Name: chris
Age: 24Is he working: yes Relationship with you: husband 
How long have you known him: sept 08 Does he have any other children, names and ages: Evelynn kay 3 years ... and our angel
How many children does he want to have: as many as god gives us
What is his favorite past-time: spending time with me
Has he bought anything for baby: no
Will he take time off of work to help you: yes 12 days daddy leave lol
What are his strengths as a dad: he'd do anything for our babies
Is he excited: yes he is
When did you find out you were pregnant:
 july 13th
How did you find out: took a dollar tree test  because i was getting funny reads on my ovulation testWho was with you when you found out: Just me well the dogs hahahWhat was your reaction: No way!!! are you effin kidding me!!!! OMG !!!How did the daddy react: we both cried! How did your parents react: Excited How did his parents react: they said congrats... we are still a little nervous
Were you trying to conceive: YesDid you consider an abortion: NEVER Who is your doctor: stanford team
How far along were you at your first appointment: 7 weeks Have you heard the baby's heart beat: yes Have you had any ultrasounds: yes 2Have you had a 3D/4D ultrasound: yes  it was amazing Have you had any complications: high blood pressure
Are you high risk: yes
Are you having a boy or a girl: dont know
Have you picked out any names yet: Yes If so, what are they:not saying
Any food cravings:cucmbers
Craziest thing you have eaten: nothing
Do you have any pregnant friends: I do a few :)
Do you frequent any baby forums: yep
Have you felt any movement: flutters 
Has dad felt any movement: no 
Do you or dad talk to baby: I kinda do 
When did you first start showing: ten weeks maybe lol
Do you have any stretch marks: yeah from previous pregnancy not a lot olivia was kind to me 
How have you been sleeping: horribly 
Have you had any really strange dreams:not really
Have you gotten any braxton-hicks contractions: yes. i hate them
Has dad had to make any midnight snack runs: yes lol
Have you made baby shower plans: sort of
Have you registered anywhere: yes 3 places
What was the first thing bought for baby: nothing
Are you going to take any birthing classes: no 
Have you read any pregnancy or baby books: yeah 
When is your next doctors appointment: monday 

Birth Plans 
At home or hospital: HOSPITAL 
Vaginal or C-section: hopefully vaginal again... most amazing experience ever!
Natural or medicated: natural if i can hang but if needed medicated 
Will you be induced: yeah... i will be
Who will be in the delivery room with you: my husband and maybe my aunt
Are you going to have a doula: no 
What are a few things you will make sure to have with you: camera, camcorder,boppy, change of clothes for a few days, zune and laptop
Are you going to take pictures or video: yes both :)
Will dad cut the cord: yes 
If you are having a boy, will you circumsize: yes even though i am scared out of mind to do so
Will any relatives come into town: who knows 
Are you scared: no... i have been through horror... i am not afraid of giving birth
Baby's Arrival 
Do you have a coming home outfit: no
Will you come home as soon as you can: no i will be making sure they are doing all the test before we leave!
What is the best thing about being at the hospital: the care 
What is the worst thing about being at the hospital: constipation lol
What is the best thing about coming home: i have not had a normal home coming ... but having my child home with me is a huge thing for me and my husband 
What is the nursery theme: forest i think 
Will you breastfeed or use formula: boobie baby all the way hopefully 
Will you co-sleep:nope
Cloth diapers or regular: REGULAR 
What can't you wait for the most: watching my child  grow up... 

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