Thursday, August 18, 2011

introducing Olivias little rainbow bean!

i just know that if Olivia was here to be with her baby brother or sister she would be amazing with him or here.... because that"s how i raise my kids :D
Although i am very sad that things didnt go how i wanted them to and olivia had to return to god ...i am thankful i have such a beautiful angel looking down and protecting our newest member of the family.

as for today.

i made it to stanford at 10:30am to do my glucose test (2 hour) ... they took my blood. the lady commited an epic fail and i was ready to fire her! lol... drank the horrible orange koolaid! waited an hour... lady failed again but got blood after jamming me a few times.... sat another hour... got more blood taken .... then ran to the main hospital .

i checked in and shortly after they called me back. i laid down and they put the goop on my belly and bam there the baby was!!!!

sorry it is upside down. but there he or she is! 
heart beat was 260 bpm .... yes i know it is high i see that i talked to both the doctor and the tech and

 i am in one of the best hospitals in the world. they both said it is nothing to worry about

 and that if it was lower then that would be something to worry about because of a mc. but

 if the baby is having issues now there is absolutely nothing i can do or them about it so i 


 have to trust that god knows what he is doing..

i am a bit nervous but i trust that i can handle the worst and the best so i am taking it as 

they come. that all i can do.

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  1. Congrats to you guys! I'll be 9 weeks on Monday so it seems we are really close to eachother. I'm sure Olivia is watching and is so happy for you guys to bring her a sibling.