Saturday, April 9, 2011


ive been having a lot more these days. we cant make it one week without something happening. i am always waiting for something to happen.
live in the n ow.
live in the now.
stupid mind wont shut off.

i dreamed about when i get to take olivia home it was really nice.

8 more weeks or so maybe?.... (fuck) thats a long time.


  1. 8 weeks seems like a long time but really its a short time compared to all the beautiful years you will have her at home with you as a family!

  2. I know the feeling of 8 weeks! I does seem like forever. I'm praying for you. You will be able to look back and say it wasn't forever. And like "Heather and Adam" said, it's a short time compared to all the years you will have her home with you!

  3. wondering how your baby girl is SENDING LOTS OF PRAYERS AND LOVE!!!!!!