Monday, April 4, 2011

2 months if smooth sailing

god please help us get through this.

please take the pain of withdraws away from Olivia.

please help the doctors choose the correct path to mend her broken heart.

i have one wish for my birthday. i would like my baby girl to be stable and close to going home!

Olivia is officially in 0-3 month clothes and is tall. she is such a beautiful little girl.
extubation went somewhat well. but she does have some rhythm issues. hopefully the will figure this out.


  1. I love all her shoes...Adam doesn't get it and always asks me why she has shoes on her feet. I try to explain that they are cute and he rolls his eyes lmao! Get well soon Olivia so I can come see you at HOME this summer!

  2. Your baby girl is gorgeous. I dont know u but you parents and your precious girl have been on my mind since I saw your last two posts when I came across your blog. You guys are in our prayers. God, please lay your healing hands on Olivia. Please keep us updated. What are they waiting on to send her home. Sry to pry but I just rooting for her.

  3. She is soooo beautiful. Praying for stable and smoother days ahead. It would be wonderful if Olivia's first birthday gift to you as her Mommy would be her ready to go home! Something tells me you'd love her tons anyway if you had to spend it in the hospital. :)