Monday, March 28, 2011

show stopper

well last night Olivia proved to us how well she can grab the attention of the room. when they where cleaning out her lungs she decided to pull out her breathing tube. this in turn caused them to have to rapidly paralyze her and sedate her to place a new breathing tube in. she received 5 minutes of chest compressions . there was yet again a code blue called on that little diva. she sure does have plans of her own.
last night dr reddy came to tell us that he will be doing her glen/repair this Friday and the cath will take place either Tuesday or wen.
Chris and i are terrified. we are handing her off again to try to fix her broken heart.

i just really hope they can do what they need to do and bring her back to me safely. i need to see that smiling face of hers.

this week is going to be long.

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