Saturday, March 26, 2011

intubation...again makes 3 times this admission

shes just to sick...
she needs rest...
she smiled so bright but now she just sleeps...
her body cant take the stress...
her little hands are so cold...
her eyes don't look around anymore...

 Olivia's regurgitation in her tricuspid valve went from mild to severe. she is considered to be in heart failure. from yesterday to today her chest xray went from looking beautiful to horrible. she was working extra hard and they had to give her body rest. she will be sedated until they feel she can handle breathing on her own again. Dr Reddy and the other cardio dr's are going to reevaluate her surgery dates

i don't want this to be over. please god give me more time with that sweet baby girl. give her the strength to make it through all of this. she needs you. i need you. please hear my prayers...please hear the hundreds or prayers going out to her. give her a chance to grow up and enjoy life. i want to worry about her falling off her bike...dealing with boys...and gossip in her school.... i want to see her graduate... get married. i want to see her grow up and be happy.


  1. I have been checking for an update
    So worried about Little Olivia.
    Shes beautiful.
    Keeping you and her in my thoughts and prayers

  2. You all are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I so didn't want to read this sorry for all of you, but you are right...she needs rest.

  3. Just a passer by so touched by your sweet baby girl n your story that I just have to let you know that my whole fam is on bended knee praying for Olivia and for you parents....much love and prayers to you. Stay strong, u have more prayer power behind you than you even know.

  4. Sending prayers for Olivia. Found my way here through another heart blog. Hoping that some rest gives her little body what she needs to sail through whatever the doctors/surgeons determine will be next.
    We will continue to pray....
    Kelly (a fellow heart-mom)

  5. my heart goes out to you friend. :) i hope all of your prayers are answered and every single wish comes true... :)

  6. Im praying for your sweet Olivia.