Monday, February 28, 2011


why god do you do this to these babies...? what did their mothers do to have this terrifying  thing be placed on their sweet new little ones? why do all of these daddies have to stay awake at night worrying if his family will make it through this? why do so many grandparents have to wonder if their son or daughter is eating everyday because they know with the amount of stress and amount of things going on makes it horribly hard to take care of yourself? why do so many of these babys fail to make it to their first birthdays? why did you make us as humans able to hurt so bad when our babies pass away? why do woman and men who lose their babies get forced back into "normal" life so soon?


  1. I have asked the same questions so many times and never get an answer. HLHS sucks and seeing our kids in so much pain is heartbreaking. Watching and hearing about heart babies pass away brings a sadness along with an anger that is so hard to get past. I have questioned my faith and God many times in the past two years. I wish I could help you answer your questions, but having the same ones as you...I can't.

    I will keep praying for Olivia and your whole family.

  2. Katie,
    Hi, I am Adam's mom(Heather's mother-in-law). I have been asking the same question for the past 2 months(since I lost my grandson Parker to this horrible defect). It seems life is so unfair, I struggle everyday to find the answer to that question. I wonder sometimes how Adam & Heather make it through each day. But just know our hearts go out to you and your family. I pray for you and your sweet Olivia everyday. We are all praying for Olivia back here in Missouri.

  3. Katie..

    I ask the same question god..why did he take my Serena..Why i dont understand and i try to get answer but never i get any answer..What did i do..I cry cause i want to know why did he give me my angel and then he took her away..She was a fighter and she did not deserve to go through so much pain..
    I always think of you and Olivia..Always in my prayers