Monday, February 14, 2011

i wear the scars,she wears the scars

i wear the scars of a woman...a woman who has given life. i wear the scars of a woman who protected and nourished a child within her body. i wear the scars.

she wears the scars of a life saving event. she wears the scars of a true fighter... she wears the scars that show how fragile and wonderful life truly is.

the stay at home was very short. to short if you ask me.
the last few days have been some what of a blur.Olivia was admitted on sunday morning and took her first helicopter ride to LPCH. thats right she is back.

post from the past 24 hours of so:

Olivia is in the hospital for a 24 hour watch. She is having some issues with her o2 stats and her NG tube ... :( I am so tired. Please keep us in yur thoughts

We are getting transported back to stanford tonight ... olivias o2 stats keep dropping and there is fluid around and in her lungs . She may have pnemonia or an infection so ill keep u updated

Olivia is getting put on a helicopter now to make the flight over to stanford and chris and i have made it here safely

i really didnt miss the sounds of the CVICU... this blows

i hate waiting while i am tired

hour later still no word on where she is.... hurry up with getting my baby here!

olivia is here and tucked in. she is on oxygen and maintaining o2's in low 80's with help they are still not sure whats going on they are just keeping her stable until morning for more of a plan she is on antibiotics and also iv fluids. her breathing is lss labored and she is looking more pinky. this has been a rough night i am going to try to sleep. please pray for her.

we are waiting for rounds . this mornings xray looked a lot better than yesterdays and Olivia looks nice and pink. she is breathing comfortable but still needing oxygen to keep her stats up.

Also right now they dont think this is heart related for the most part they think maybe an infection... and her heart looks "good" for miss Olivia.

Todays agenda : echo and placing a NJ tube ... baby girl is looking pretty good I will update a little better in a bit
Going back to the hospital makes me nervous. I am taking chris back to fairfield tonight so he can return to work and ill be heading back to miss olivia tomorrow bright and early. Its going to be so lonely being there alone. Hopefully olivia shows them she is capable to strive and go home again

i need to make dinner... im so tired. and all i want to do is hop in the car and drive back to the hospital and be with Olivia.... this sucks ... our family is split up again :(

i mention the scars and you know i am proud of myself for bringing such a beautiful little angel into this world. i just wish i was able to enjoy her more with out worrying that we are doing something wrong...

i really hope this stay isnt as long as the last. i would like to be a whole as a family rather than split up.

side not i pray that miss olivia will strive and get better so she can come home... and i also pray that the dark thoughts stay far away from me.


  1. Katie you are such an amazing mommy and Olivia knows it! She is going to be all better real soon and be home before you know it. Just keep your head up and everything will work out I promise! I love you!

  2. What a crazy few days. I am praying they figure out what is happening and she gets home real soon. You all remain in my thoughts and prayers.