Friday, October 29, 2010

where do i pull strength from now?

today i got this message:

Christopher Davis October 29 at 7:51am 
Travis said no to me due to manning issues. so no stanford either. the next base they are looking at is edwards. that means no custody of evelynn either. I was just on the phone with the people and the lady was laughing at me. I called the shirt and he got incontact weith the guy in charge. the shirt is going to call him directly everyday until it is complete. i tried to explain my situation and i had to stop and calm down because i was yelling at them. so that is why the first shirt got involved. our hands are tied. for now. the only thing we could do is just have you stay with stanford and i will take leave to be with you when the time comes for the baby. I love you baby and I am sorry about the military. it is good and evil at the same time.

i am terrified ...lost... losing faith...ANGRY....sad...any negative word you got feel free to add it in....
what do we do? how do i do it here alone? how does chris make it out there alone from us? 

Is this your plan GOD? to tear a broken family apart? please tell me how to do this... 

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  1. Oh gosh Katie when I read what your going through it makes my problems seem so petty. I know ive had such a bad and overwhelming day but I feel so bad to even complain because I have my husband here and at least he is here to support me. Im so sorry your going through this alone. Big hugs to you