Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the visit on oct 19th & 20t

So I had to do a 24 hour urine test... yuck. its to test for pre E, I will get the results soon next week I hope...I also did a glucose test. I really hope I passed it because that drink was TERRIBLE! I got the whooping cough and flu shot... and had two blood draws. this appointment went well I would say.
as for complaints I don't know if i have expressed how terribly uncomfortable i have been these past weeks have been but i have been having a lot of issues in my right side... well they said it can either be: 
A.) I have a small rib cage and it is the stress of the baby pushing up to make room ......or 
B.) I have shingles... yes shingles. i have a rash on my side and i think it is from having super sensitive skin but they said it could be shingles thankfully it is getting better with this cooler weather we are having . 
The other thing that the doctors said is that they are pretty sure i will not make it to 40 weeks... they where not very clear as to why this is but they said they really want me to make it to 39 weeks. that means an Xmas baby. my next appointment is next week so i will be sure to find out why this is. 
As for the appointments they are every two weeks now and i am no longer staying in Oroville. i am staying with family in Fremont which isn't very far from Palo alto. Also the last few weeks in December i will be at the Ronald McDonald house or at a hotel living until she is born. i guess the trip across the bridge is to much.

I had three appointments this day:
Fetal Echo for Olive
everything went really well... as far as i know Dr. Hanley had an older report on who i was and what was going on. Dr. Tacy the one who does the echo said that the hole between the left and right side is getting great blood flow across it and that it looks like its doing very good. i asked about having the cath procedure done and she said that she doesn't think that olive will need one for this! so that was really good news for me it really made my day :) ... we talked a lot about different things that can happen and what was some what to be expected and i really felt good for the most part. 
Ultra sound:
My baby girl was 2 pounds 9 ounce!!!! they said it is on the smaller side of the spectrum but nothing to worry about... at 23 weeks she was only 14 ounces , so in that little bit of time she gained that much !!!!GROW LITTLE OLIVE GROW!!!! everything looked good and her heart rate was steady and normal i believe it was 130bpm ... they gave me a few pics they where not as clear as the ones before and they are a few head shots but i haven't uploaded them yet but as soon as i do i will get them on here. 
Echo for My Heart:
Was very uneventful. they didn't really share with me about what was going on and if they seen anything to worry about or if my murmur was still there or if it was worst or what.... i really wish that they would have said something but they said when i go to my high risk ob that they will talk to me about what they found. 

So totally unrelated to these appointments, I've been feeling really self conscience about my appearance. i feel like i look just fat and gross... and i miss my husband. i hope he gets here soon. he talked to head quarters and we should know by the end of the week what is going on hopefully he can out process in less than a week and get here asap so we can get settled and feel like we have a home again... i think i will be a lot happier then.

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