Saturday, July 9, 2011


with august coming up i was reminded of the horrifying news i received when i was pregnant with Olivia. not only was i a new mom but i was now faced with a even more frighting child would be born with half a heart.
i read a post from a fellow heart mom that reminded me that this anniversary was quickly approaching. I have been brought to my knees countless times in my life and once more tonight i am on my knees praying to god to see me through this dark time. to give me the strength to carry on in this scary world and to find light in my day.

i am humbled and thankful for the amount of support and loving kind words that come from day to day cheering me on and reminding me truly how special Olivia's life was and still is to many. although she was only here for 4 short months she touched hundreds of people and with that thought i will go to bed thankful that god BLESSED ME with such and amazing baby girl. she surely will never be forgotten.

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